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"Ideas for Addi Express Projects, so you can make super quick hats, scarves and socks using your favourite yarns but without spending hours at the needles. The Addi Express makes knitting so easy!"


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The Addi Express is a hand-crank knitting machine that’s proving really popular with knitters who want to produce items quickly. The Addi Express Kingsize allows you to knit tubes large enough for hats. Whilst the Addi Express standard size is perfect for tube socks and craft projects.

I have both knitting machines and I love using them to whip up quick and easy hats. Just crank away, add a pom-pom and you have yourself a gorgeous hat in less than half an hour! They might look complicated to use but there are several video tutorials and also some books to help you along.

Top 3 Addi Express Projects

The big question is, what do you make with an Addi Express? Here are some inspiring projects for you to try.

Tube Socks

Tube socks don’t need heel shaping. They’re best made on the Addi Express, you’ll want to knit your toe by hand and then place on the Addi Express to knit the remainder of the tube. You could hand knit a ribbed top to help keep the sock up if you wanted, but a bit of elastic as you cast off would work too. These socks are great for keeping your feet toasty in the evenings as you sit and knit.

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Beanie Hat with rolled brim

A beanie hat doesn’t need a ribbed brim to look good. A simple stocking stitch hat can be made on the Addi Express very quickly, just pull the last strand to tighten the hat like a drawstring and tie it, and you’ve got yourself a hat! Hats are best made on the Addi Express Kingsize.

addi express kingsize

Double Layered tube scarf

A quick way of making a tube scarf that looks good on all sides is using the Addi Express. You can add stripes or different yarn thicknesses to create a really interesting scarf. Add tassels to the bottom of the scarf for a gorgeous finish.

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