Spring Project Plans


Planning out spring and summer makes is always exciting but the amount of things I want to get done is quite daunting. Keeping a list and ticking through each project as it's completed should help me stay on track!

It’s now well and truly feeling like “Spring”. The sun is out and my wardrobe needs a revamp! I have so many spring projects to work on that I want to get finished before the heat truly hits. I thought it would be a good idea to write down my intentions, and we can see how far I get!

I’m terrible for buying patterns, fabric, getting all excited and then getting distracted by something else before the time comes. So this is my Spring Resolution, to finish the below spring projects before inventing any more ideas.

Knitting Projects

I have tonnes of knitting spring projects to get through, including some really great new yarns I will reviewing for you guys (and some opportunities to win too!), so watch this space.

That’s quite a few projects to be getting on with for now, with even more coming soon, including some exciting new releases. Now on to the sewing!

Sewing Projects

A few years ago I sold on a large portion of my fabric stash whilst moving house. A lot of it was fabric that didn’t really suit me any more but had been bought years before. I’m determined not to go overkill on my stash this year and keep it no larger than the current level it is (two cube-drawers full and that’s it!)

I have a couple of spring projects that I want to complete before the the heat really sets in, including some dresses which should be comfy to wear all spring/summer long.

And believe it or not, that’s it for the time being! There are others of course, but we’ll focus on these before we start anything else, I promise!


Francesca Haselden

Francesca is the owner of EatSleepKnitUK, she also works for Toyota Home Sewing and is a web developer 9-5!

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