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Sewing Pattern: Simplicity 2648

"This fab pattern comes with different options for slim, average and curvy figures and is packed with instructions on getting a good fit. A simple shape that is easily adaptable, stylish and modern. "

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It seems crazy that I’m so close to finishing my studies for ever now. I’ve been in university for 5 years and it’s finally coming to an end! I’m set to graduate in July 2014 and then it’s ready to start a new life in a new town and hopefully a new job. So I’m embarking one one exciting “make” before I’m done, Simplicity 2648, an “Amazing Fit” pattern.

But for my Graduation Day, I really want to wear something special. Unfortunately my faculty colours are less than complimentary to my preferred palette (our hoods are a nice “golden yellow”) but I’m wanting to wear something really special. I have been searching all over the place for the right type of dress, something fitted but flattering. Oh and enough room and comfort to fit in a nice meal afterwards! Unfortunately I’m not finding anything I like the look of, so I decided to sew my own.

Simplicity 2648 – Amazing Fit

Simplicity are always my go-to pattern brand. I learnt to sew using Simplicity patterns and they have always been my favourite for their layout and instructions (with Vogue Very Easy next on the list). Recently Simplicity have launched their “Amazing Fit” range, which promises different adjustments for different shaped women. I like the idea of the Amazing Fit, but I don’t know how well it’ll work out. I’ve heard good things about the patterns and as someone with a disproportionate frame (and a big belly and bum!) I’m hoping it’ll work out well.

Simplcity 2648 Variations

I’ve chosen Simplicity 2648, a nice little fitted number with a few interesting options, and princess seams. This will be my first time sewing princess seams, they are supposed to be quite flattering. I am currently not sure what variation to make, I’m torn between Variation C with it’s little capped sleeves, and Variation B with it’s simple shape. I’m heading towards Variation c but possibly dropping the centre pointless-button-thingy (placket? waist cincher? why is is there and what is it for?) Either way I still think the variations available on Simplicity 2648 will make a perfect set for workwear dresses. If this one works out well I’ll be making more in different colours!

Simplicity 2648

I spent a while searching around trying to find a fabric I really liked. I wanted a dark colour, like a dark blue or green, or perhaps just black. As soon as I saw this brushed cotton on Truro Fabrics I knew it was right. The dark blue brushed cotton has tiny black pin-point polka dots, it’s the perfect level of “interest” to the fabric I was after, something to take it from just a plain fabric to a little more catwalk. And it doesn’t require matching which I hate!



Adjustments for sizing

Unfortunately, being well endowed in the hip area, I will have to extend Simplicity 2648. The pattern comes with multiple bust measurements. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) my cups runneth over so I will be using the C cup addition to give me a little more wiggle room. However on the hip section, even using the “curvy” skirt panels I will not fit in. My current hip measurement being 53″ (with a 38″ waist. Yes, that much change in a short amount of space) and the pattern giving finished measurements of 52″ on the curvy hip piece. I’ll want to add 4″ of ease at the hip at first. So that will require a 57″ hip. This increase of 5″ will be distributed evenly across the 5 seams (two front princess seams, two back princess seams, and the centre back seam). With a total of 10 fabric edges going into these 5 seams, I’ll distribute a half inch to each seam allowance.

Luckily Simplicity 2648 Amazing Fit pattern has extra seam allowance so you can do just this. I’ll start by making a toile with my extra half inch and then let out if I need more. Looks like there will be lots of unpicking… Another weird thing about this pattern is that it does not appear to be lined at all. I much prefer a sewn in lining to facings so I’ll probably do this as extra, add a lining at the bodice and skirt too. Plus a nice invisible zipper in the back. I’m excited to start Simplicity 2648 next month, once final deadlines are over! It’ll be a nice summer sewing project for sure!

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