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Sewing Pattern: Simplicity 1699

"A fantastic pattern, offering more than just one variation. The peplum top is cute and easy to sew, even for beginners. Highly recommended."

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I have had this pattern in my stash for so long. And the flowery fabric has equally lived in my stash for around 5 years. Both have passed a number of house moves, tidy-ups, eBay sessions and finally, it was their time.

I had just the right amount of fabric to complete Simplicity 1699 Variation B, the peplum top. The Variation B top had cap sleeves, which are great if you have lovely slim arms. I opted to make the Variation A sleeves instead (the dress sleeves) which feature a cute little curved seam. The great thing about the dress and the top is that they both use the same basic pieces, so you can swap around pretty easily. I also decided not to sew the lapped zip, and altered the collar quite significantly by adding piping round the edges.

I loved this pattern so much that I decided I had to sew the dress too. It’s a really flattering shape on me (pear shape with a hefty spare tyre!) and I thought the half-circle skirt would flow really well. I picked up a pretty cotton-viscose blend, a slate grey background with bright red poppies. It should be smart enough for work but fun enough to wear out, plus the viscose-cotton will be really light and breathable.

Simplicity 1699: Variation A and B

This has been my first project ready for spring. Isn’t it cute! I have had a chance to do much garment sewing what with Christmas round the corner so I am so happy to make someething fun and springy!

Simplicity 1699 is a fantastic pattern which comes with loads of variations. And I can’t lie, I love a Simplicity. I learnt to sew with Simplicity patterns so I always feel “at home” when I make one.

The peplum was the ideal for me but I wanted to make it a bit more challenging by adding a piped collar. I’ve never actually sewn a collar before. Or piping. What was I thinking?!



Francesca Haselden

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