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"I absolutely love this place! It's a treasure trove of fuzz, oh so fun, and a great collection. It might not have all your "staple" knitting items but it certainly has some fun to it."


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I always love it when I discover a fab new knitting shop. I’m definitely open to the odd pilgrimage in search of new fibres and brands. Plus I love squishing hairy balls. I was so happy when I found this fantastic knitting shop in Dorking!

I recently started working in Dorking, and when walking down the high street I stumbled upon one of the most fantastic knitting shops I’ve ever seen. Decorated up like a circus, with fabulous window displays to boot, the “Gillian Gladrag Fluff-a-torium” is my favourite kind of knitting shop. It’s like a perfect treasure trove for all things fibre related (or should I say “fluff” related?)

I popped in to have a look around and fondle some fibres and see what they had in stock!

Knitting Bits

This knitting shop in Dorking has not only balls of wool, but plenty of fibre for spinning too. Gillian Harris, author of Complete Feltmaking and Carnival of Felting opened the fluff-a-torium in 2010 as a HQ for the Gilliangladrag felting kits (which you can buy in John Lewis, if it’s a bit too far to Dorking!)


Felting Bits

Seeing as Gillian is a master of felting, a large part of the shop is dedicated to felting goodies. Lots of fibres for felting, felting supplies and books. I’ve had a go at needle felting and I wish I was better at it, maybe I should start learning here?


Sewing Bits

I love a nice printed fat quarter every now and again, and the fluff-a-torium has some lovely pieces for those who are ambi-craft (that’s what I call someone who knits and sews!)


My Review

I absolutely loved the Fluff-a-torium. It’s the perfect sort of eclectic place I could lose myself in for hours. I also love that I now have a knitting shop in Dorking to frequent on my lunch breaks. I foresee a lot of money being spent, I will have to restrain myself! I just loved looking through all the fun items looking for something different and new. If you want to get your basic yarn and supplies, there are other shops. But if you want to make a pilgrimage of fluff then this is the place to come!

I ended up coming away with some fab art yarn I will probably make into a funky hat, and a nice little boys jumper pattern which I’ll be making up for a colleague who recently had a baby.


Francesca Haselden

Francesca is the owner of EatSleepKnitUK, she also works for Toyota Home Sewing and is a web developer 9-5!

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