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"Fresh and fruity! This magazine has some gorgeous bright and fun knits for the Summer 2014 season."


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It’s Pom Pom Quarterly time again! This Pom Pom Quarterly is one of the highlights of each season and I can’t wait to review the 2014 Summer edition. This time we’ve got a gorgeous tropical bright feel, just perfect for summer holidays. Best of all, if you don’t want to purchase the magazine (or just need instant gratification) Pom Pom Quarterly now comes in a digital only edition, or a paper copy WITH a digital edition thrown in!

Pom Pom Quarterly Patterns

Of course, the best bit about each issue is being able to look at all the amazing patterns. My favourite thing about Pom Pom Quarterly is that the patterns are so new, fresh and exciting. They really stand out from the crowd. Especially this issue, as all the garments and accessories are so bright and refreshing, just like a nice summer ice lolly!

pom pom magazine

My favourite pattern from the bunch has to be this lightweight jumper with a deep chevron pattern. Sombra, designed by Elanor King, features bright colours and a strong chevron shape, ideal for adding width to the shoulders and great for those of us who are a bit bottom-heavy. The jumper has a real 80s feel but without swamping you in positive ease. And no shoulder pads! The sample is knitted in Habu Textiles Non Twist Cotton Boucle, making it an ideal summer cover up, lightweight and easy to wear and wash.

Of course the magazine is packed with so much more than just patterns. But you’ll have to buy it to see what else is included!

Pom Pom Quarterly Summer Edition is available here.


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