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Knitting Pattern: Ombre Cowl Hood by Hilary Carr Yarn: Kidsilk Haze by Rowan

"This cowl pattern is really simple to work up and the suggested yarn, Kidsilk Haze, is just gorgeous. A really interesting standout piece, perfect for beginners."

One of the biggest fashion trends of 2013, and moving into 2014 the trend has changed from the typical dip-dye effect to full ombre changes of colour.

Ombre effects can be achieved in knitting in a number of ways. You can quite easily dye garments afterwards to create ombre knitting looks, this is quite easy and allows placement of the different colours once the piece is already made up. Alternatively, yarns can be dyed in advance to create ombre effects that show up whilst you knit. This could be really interesting for placement on sleeves, or in blankets or garments.

But an even more interesting way is to knit with solid colours held double. Holding multiple strands of yarn and gradually introducing new colours to create a dip-dye effect. This is by far the least messy way to create ombre knitting effects and multiple colours can be included to create interesting colour shifts.

Using Kidsilk Haze for Ombre Knitting Effects

I used Kidsilk Haze in three shades to create this cowl. I admit the colours are probably far too bold to blend completely, but if you choose shades that are similar you will get a lovely blended effect. I just love navy and pink together! I used colourways Candy Girl, Ghost and Hurricane.

The patterns works by holding double the yarn and introducing new colours each repeat. So you start with two strands of your first colour (AA). You knit a stripe and then introduce the new colour, dropping one strand of the old one (AB). Continue this process until you have created stripes with all the colours. The result is that the colours blend in with each other.

I absolutely love wearing this cowl. It’s so soft, it’s crazy. People always comment on it when I wear it. It’s like knitting with a cloud!

More ombre knitting ideas

This simple triangle shawl uses a dyed yarn to achieve it’s gradient. The simple stitches of the shawl let the colour speak for itself, you just need to select the yarn yourself and get knitting! You can find the pattern on Xandy Peter’s Ravelry shop.

Ombre knitting ideas

Any simple knitted accessory could benefit from a little ombre! Why not dip-dye the tips of some mittens using Wilson cake dyes or acid fabric dyes? Or check out gradient yarn like Colourshiftyarn on Etsy.


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