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Sewing Pattern: Kwik Sew 4045

"Kwik Sew 4045 is a simple pattern for mens shorts or trousers. The pattern looks very sharp with cargo pockets and tailored details, but there are a number of mistakes."

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I should preface this post by saying I have never sewn a pair of trousers before, nor a zip fly front, nor pockets with inset facings. So all in all, this has been a rather confusing project!

I decided I wanted to try my hand at sewing a pair of mens trousers as I figured the shapes would be simpler than a ladies’ pattern (especially as I know I would need to make so many adjustments). Kwik Sew 4045 seemed like a really nice pattern. The shorts and trousers are just shortened versions of the same pieces. It features a mock fly, inset pocket facings and some nice pleated cargo pockets. It could be used to make any variation of trousers, from summer shorts to wool work trousers. I’m hoping that if this garment works out, I’ll have a tried-and-true mens trouser pattern to use in the future.

Constructing the pockets for Kwik Sew 4045

Well, it started off with a lot of headaches. One tiny error in the pattern led me to doubting everything written in the pocket instructions, even though it is quite small. The facings cut for the pocket appear to be too short. The diagram shows them flush to the bottom of the pocket bag but in reality they’re a little too short. This threw me completely.

But after I got over the fact the pocket is slightly wrong, I carried on going and found the pocket came together quite easily. It’s definitely not a beginner technique, and it required a lot of brain power to understand how the pocket was meant to be folded, then stitched, then folded again. But the result was two really nice clean pockets!

Sadly the headaches continued. I could not get the inner leg seam to match up at all despite advice to stretch the seam, it wasn’t cut on the bias so was impossible to stretch. I finally decided to give up on the pattern as it just wasn’t working for me and I was very irritated by this point. It seems to me this pattern has obvious glaring errors.This is the first time I’ve ever truly given up on a pattern. And usually it’s my own fault but I honestly think this pattern is just very flawed. It’s also put me off buying Kwik Sew patterns again!

I’m still determined to finish this project, so I’ve decided to move over to a Simplicity pattern, much more within my comfort zone. Simplicity 1286 which features a fairly normal trouser. I’ll be keeping the general shape but shortening the legs to a shorts-length. I’ll also be using patch pockets instead of the neat little welt pocket in order to keep it casual. I’m a real fan of the interlock top, and I’ve just purchased an overlocker so maybe that will be a future project once I get the hang of using it!


Francesca Haselden

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