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Sewing Pattern: McCalls 6696

"This pretty pattern has some complicated techniques, but is ultimately well drafted. I enjoyed sewing it but struggled with my lack of collar experience. I'm sure it will be easy for anyone with experience!"

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I’ve been working recently on analysing styles that will best fit my shape, so I don’t end up wasting time sewing something that is never going to be flattering to me. Being a pear shape (and large in size, which doesn’t help my already peculiar proportions) I’m well aware that pencil skirts and straight bottom-halves are not for me.

Recently whilst in a bar in Canterbury (Bramley’s on Orange Street, for those of you who are curious) my boyfriend pointed out a girl in a classic 50s style shirtwaister. It’s a style I haven’t worn for a while as I sometimes worry that it can step over into “vintage fancy dress” which is not one of my most favourite looks (when you look like you might be on your way to an ironic “bop” in an old run-down warehouse in Brick Lane). I usually try to add small vintage elements to normal everyday wear, but I still thought the classic shirtwaister style would be good for my figure. I picked McCalls 6696, a classic shirtwaister style with a full skirted and slim fit option, which goes up to a plus size of size 24 (48″ bust).

McCalls 6696: History of the Shirtwaister

The Shirtwaister is a classic shirt top, nipped in at the waist, with either a pencil skirt or full skirt attached below. They became popular in the 1940s as they replicated mens uniform styles in the forces, and were translated not only over to women’s uniforms but also into everyday women’s fashion. They typically only […]

mccalls 6696
Sleeves, Bodices and Skirts: McCalls 6696

I started making the toile for this McCalls 6696 in some simple burgundy polycotton. I’m intending to make a wearable toile, that is one that is completely finished, and can be worn, though I’m saving my pretty Barbour Beagles fabric for the final 6996 dress. This dress comes with three different variations on the pattern, but actually many more variations are possible due to the sleeves. I’m making view B, which features a full skirt and cap sleeves. There is also an option for longer sleeve, and a more straight cut skirt. As a bonus, there is a close fitting slip designed to be worn under a sheer version of the dress. Due to my shape, I’ll probably never really suit the straight cut skirt, it would make more sense for me to create a slimmer version of a circle skirt.


Francesca Haselden

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