Knitting Art: The Best of Etsy Volume 1.

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The best of Etsy! Be inspired by the artists of Etsy who create gorgeous pieces that are perfect to decorate your craft room. Perhaps a pretty print will inspire you as you craft?

When knitting becomes more than just a hobby, you start finding yourself wanting to own every last trinket possible to do with your favourite fibre craft. I’m soon to be decking out a new craft room, and I couldn’t resist putting some pretty knitting & sewing related pieces on the walls.

One of the best places to buy cute art in the modern day is Etsy, where you can buy direct from illustrators and designers. I have picked up several prints over the years, but here’s a review of some of the cutest knitting related art on Etsy.

Ello Lovey – Knitting Art

Ello Lovey, or rather illustrator Rhianna Wurman who is based in Asheville, NC, United States. The art is full of whimsy and contains everything from woodland animals ┬áto bearded sailors and cute tweeting birds. But of course the knitting art is the best! I picked up this print featuring cute cabled socks and the adorable quote “May your feet never be cold”. As a knitter who nearly always has cold feet I can’t tell you how much this is true, a hand knitted pair of socks will guarantee to keep your tootsies warmer than anything!

Check out Ello Lovey on Etsy.

Jennie Gee

A classic remade for knitters. Of course, the “Keep Calm and Carry Yarn” is an essential for everyone. And true, of course, we must always keep yarn on us, lest we spend an expected time in a doctors waiting room or a train happens to be late. One must always carry yarn! Jennie Gee not only has the classic print but also many project bags, tote bags and other items in a range of colours.

Check out JennieGee on Etsy.

Subversive Femme – Vintage Knitting Art

Of course another perfect classic for decorating knitting rooms or even just crafty homes is to turn to the rich library of vintage pieces available, which includes not only advertisements or knitting companies or patterns, but also cute illustrations or photographs which can be easily framed. Subversive Femme provides prints of vintage knitting & sewing patterns including some of the most lovely vintage photography I’ve seen. It certainly is a large collection! All you need to do is print out the pattern and pop it in a frame.

Check out Subversive Femme on Etsy.

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