Jet Stream Shawl – First handknit shawl and a beautiful indie yarn


Project Info

Knitting Pattern: Jet Stream by Heidi Kirrmaier Yarn: Backyard Merino Sock by Backyard Fiberworks

"Jet Stream is such a beautiful but ultimately simple knit. It redefines what it means to knit a shawl. The drape created by the loose tension and the wraps for shaping really make this something special."

I have to admit, the word “shawl” has always put me off a bit. It reminds me of something I have to wear in a school play whilst dressing up as a Victorian. But in the knitting world shawls are super popular. It wasn’t until I found Jet Stream Shawl from Heidi Kirrmaier that I realised a modern, stylish shawl might be in my grasp.

Jet Stream Pattern Review

First off I have to say this pattern is fantastic. The design is fairly complex in it’s construction but it’s excellently laid out. In four sections, it’s easy to keep track of where you are and keep progressing. The shape is created using short rows and yarn overs, which really adds an interesting look.

My Project

I decided to get some special yarn for this project. I headed over to Etsy for some inspiration and found this gorgeous deep pine yarn from the US yarnie Backyard Fiberworks. It was just such a beautiful colour and I knew it would go with my clothing colour palette. The merino is really soft and bouncy and very easy to knit.

Jet Stream Shawl – The Finished Piece

I’m super pleased with the finished result. It’s so easy to wear and is comfortable as well. I love the way the colour turned out with the interesting variation and the simple shape.

I really loved making this and I hope to get a lot of wear out of it. If I made it again, I think I’d add just an extra stitch to the garter stitch border as it has a tendency to roll. I went up one half a mm on this to give a more drapey effect which I think worked best for the style. I blocked it with a full wet block using my new foam blocking boards (or erm, foam playmats from Argos). It took me just under 2 weeks, knitting most evenings. So a nice quick project!


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