How to Make Bunting for Christmas – in an hour!

how to make bunting

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Learn how to make bunting, it is one of those super easy projects that is great for beginners. It can be made with small scraps of cottons used for other projects. I decided to make some Christmas bunting. I’m not usually one for decorating the house with bunting as I don’t want the place looking like a permanent bake-off tent, but at Christmas ANYTHING goes!

I used scraps from Christmas stockings made this weekend with April to make this bunting, and I’ve still got loads and loads left! We got all our fabric from the Christmas section here on Eclectic Maker. I used “Yuletide” in Grey, Folk Art Holiday Gina Martin Birds in Poppy, Folk Art Holiday Gina Martin Damask in Mist and Be Jolly Deb Strain Snowflakes in Button Black.

How to Make Bunting – The Template

To make the bunting I just drew up a simple paper template, making sure to add 1.5cm to the longer sides to account for seam allowance. Because I used pinking shears to finish the top there was no need to add seam allowance here. Pinking shears are useful in a variety of projects I used my pair of Fiskars (their scissors last forever, I still have my Mum’s old pair for dressmaking and they must be nearly as old as me!)

Cut out an even number of pieces in this shape.


We’ll be putting them back to back so for every bunting triangle you want, cut 2. Once you’ve cut all your pieces, take each one and pin it right sides facing.

Sew down towards the point, about 1.5cm seam allowance. You’ll then turn them right sides out and give them a really strong press. You’ll need to push the points out. I use a hairpin. Trim the top of each with pinking shears, I used my Fiskars pinking shears which are a really quick way of securing an edge.

how to make bunting

How to Make Bunting – Attaching to the ribbon

I used this pretty lace ribbon from, I like the crochet look which gives it a bit of a rustic feel. You’ll want to measure the spacing of your bunting. Leave a fair bit on each end for tieing it onto things. Then evenly space the triangles and pin them. Then just sew at the top of each triangle along the ribbon!

how to make bunting


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