Heart Pincushion Tutorial

heart pincushion tutorial

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"Make a heart pincushion tutorial, this simple set of instructions and pattern will help you make this adorable pincushion. The 3D shape takes a little bit of finesse so this is recommended for intermediates. Or maybe even beginners looking for a challenge! "

Suitable for: intermediate

Every seamstress needs a pincushion, and it’s an ideal way to use up old fabric scraps. Here you will find a heart pincushion tutorial to put together this adorable pincushion from fabric scraps.

Easy Handmade Heart Pincushion Tutorial

Small piece / fat quarter of cotton
Small piece of felt
Matching threads
Polystuffing or emery to sharpen pins
Piece of string / scrap ribbon for measuring

Sewing machine
Scrap paper or newspaper for templating
French curve (helpful)
Paper scissors

Creating a template

Start off by drawing on your paper the heart shape you wish to make your pin cushion. Once you have drawn, add 1.5cm around all edges and cut out. The 1.5cm represents the required seam allowance.

Then, using a piece of string, measure as best you can the full perimeter of the heart shape. Add 10% to this and jot the number down. This will represent the length of your central band.

Draw a smaller heart to act as the central motif, this will be cut from felt.

Below is the templates which can be used, this heart pincushion tutorial can be used to create pincushions of any size, just remember to add 1.5cm on any edge you are going to sew.

pincushion tutorial


Cut the following pieces as shown in the diagram below. The rectangle should be around 1.5cm high, plus 3cm for seam allowance. This would depend on the size of your heart, but whatever depth you choose remember to add that 3cm for your seam allowance.

Cut the smaller heart from felt. Or perhaps from a contrasting cotton. If you cut from cotton make sure you use pinking shears so that the edges do not need to be finished. Alternatively if you have an embroidery machine you could work a thick border around the heart to cover the raw edges using your close zig-zag stitch.

Making Up

Start by taking one heart and placing the felt heart in the middle. Stitch both together with a top-stitch.

The most difficult part is getting the band to attach correctly as you will need to work it around all the sharp corners on the heart shape. Pin the band right sides to one piece of the heart, all the way round. Then sew this seam. Press the edges to create a crisp outer edge. Then pin the lower band edge to the second heart, this can be quite tricky. Sew around this edge, right sides together. Leave a small gap, which you can use to turn the piece right side out. Stuff the heart with the polyfill and/or emery and hand stitch the opening closed. Done!

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Please let me know your thoughts on this adorable heart pincushion tutorial. Do you have any ideas for different shapes that could be created?


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