Fox Hat Knitting Pattern

Fox Hat Knitting Pattern

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Knitting Pattern: Little Fox Hat by Ruby Tuesday Yarn: Fashion Aran by Rico

"The Little Fox Hat knitting pattern is the sweetest little hat ever. An intarsia method is easy to learn, cute and simple for intermediate beginners. The hat can be quickly worked up in a double-knit weight yarn."

New year, new patterns! I’ve just released a super cute pattern on Ravelry this year. This was knitted last year and has been very popular for sale on my site as a finished product but I wanted to share the pattern with the world!

Fox Hat Knitting Pattern

The Little Fox Hat knitting pattern is the sweetest little hat I’ve ever made. With an intarsia method that is easy to learn (no pesky wraps & turns like some patterns) it is cute and simple to get started with. You could even make a wolfy version by substituting the yarn for grey. The hat is knitted flat to begin with, which helps with the intarsia face. The rest of the hat is knitted in the round. Eyes are added using felt which makes for a cute, textured design. Finally the ears are sewn on top. I used fuzzy Rowan Alpaca Cotton in “Thunder” which I think are the perfect fuzzy-effect ears for an adorable hat! Fox hat knitting patterns are all the rage at the moment, with plenty of cute animal hat knitting patterns popping up all over the web. The thing I like most about this design is that it is so easy to add the fox face, making it a great beginner project.

How the pattern works

The pattern lets you do intarsia easier by working flat while you build up the face area. The advantage to this is that you don’t have to bother with wraps & turns (which are really no fun at all and drive me mad for the most part). So being able to work it flat and them mattress seam up the back makes the fox hat knitting pattern a really easy beginner-friendly way to knit an animal hat.

The eyes are sewn on using felt which really helps as you don’t need to worry about getting them knit in perfectly. I cut mine with pinking shears to give a crafted look and then stitched them on with long wide running stitches in embroidery floss.

Where to get the Fox Hat knitting patterm

If you want to make this yourself then you can buy the pattern online at the Ruby Tuesday Knits site for direct download, the pattern costs £4.50 and is instantly downloadable. You can also find the pattern on Ravelry.

Fox hat knitting pattern


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