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"The Clone Your Clothes class really gives you skills in understanding how patterns fit together, what to watch out for when drafting and essentially helps you craft a perfect garment that you love, and can improve on!"


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I’ve always wanted to visit Sew Over It, a sewing workshop centre and fabric shop with locations in Islington and Clapham. They offer tonnes of amazing classes from beautiful lace dress workshops to getting to know your overlocker. I decided to attend the Clone Your Clothes class with my Mum, to recreate our favourite knit fashion pieces. This is my Sew Over It review.

Sew Over It review of class facilities

My Sew Over It review must of course include some details about the workshop itself. The Clapham shop is a fabric shop upstairs with a lovely workshop in the basement, kitted out with all the tools you could need plus plenty of tea, cake, biscuits and lovely music. I really enjoyed my time in the class especially as it was cold and windy outside but warm and welcoming inside! The classes happen after-hours when the shop upstairs is closed but you can still arrive early to choose fabric from their eclectic collection if you like. I ended up buying some ridged polyester jersey for my project.

The class is split over two sessions, one session to draft the pattern, and the second to create the garment. There is a little bit of homework as you should cut your pattern out from your fabric during the two classes. I chose to clone a little black skater-style dress from New Look.

The first part of the class involves identifying the pieces you need to clone, before getting tracing on dot and grid paper. The paper really does help with the drafting as it has guides to help you keep lines straight and also is the perfect weight for pinning. You can buy this paper on rolls, enough to keep you drafting!

The process is really quite simple once you’ve got over the fear. You pin your garment down to the paper in whatever way you can, and try your best to accurately trace around it. Seams that are sewn up can take a little bit longer, but usually pinning along the seam line to the paper, then making small pencil marks where you feel the pin lines does the trick.

An excellent tip for making sure you’re on the right track is to measure all your outlines. Measure each seam and compare it to the raw edge on the other pattern piece you’ll be sewing it to. If you discover that one side seam is 1cm shorter than the other, you’ll want to rectify that as soon as you can!

The completed garment!

My dress was a relatively simple princess seam skater dress, so it didn’t take long to put it together. I included a bound neckline and armscye, but I left the bottom raw edge unhemmed as the fabric is stable enough and I didn’t want to create a bulky seam.

Sew Over It clone your clothes

Best of all, I’ve now got a beautiful dress plus a pattern to make more! I’ve already started making variations on this pattern and now have two dresses complete.

I hope you enjoyed my Sew Over It review! I’d love to attend more classes, do comment below if you’ve attended any and let me know what you thought!


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