Citadel Hat Review: Lined knitting!

Citadel Hat

Project Info

Knitting Pattern: Citadel Hat by Hedgehog Fibres Yarn: Merino Blend DK by King Cole

"A great hat pattern, lined inside, with a beautiful texture achieved by the slip-stitch technique. Easy to remember and quick to knit in double-knit yarn."

The moment I saw the Citadel Hat from Hedgehog Fibres I knew I needed to make it! The Citadel Hat is a lined beanie hat with a really fun textured pattern. I knew my boyfriend would love it and I also liked the double-lining as it will hold it’s shape better (he tends to stretch out his hats).

The best bit about this pattern is it’s totally free! You can download it here or add it to your Ravelry library. And look, over 200 people have already made it with some fantastic results for your inspiration! The top used yarns are of course the recommended yarns from Hedgehog Fibres: gorgeous cashmere for the lining and BFL for the outer. You can hold the laceweights double, or use a DK.

Pics from the lovely Hedgehog Fibres pattern

Pattern Review

My favourite thing about the Citadel Hat is that the textured pattern is so easy to work up. It doesn’t involve complex cables, it doesn’t require you to work any complicated stitches, you just have to slip five and then catch them on a later row. For a while, I struggled with how it was possible, but when I re-read the footnote I realised all I needed to do was lift my needle up from below the slipped row of knitting, and easily catch the slipped strand. The result is really interesting but best of all it’s so easy to work without needing to constantly refer to the instructions. Two repeats in and I had it, and didn’t look to the pattern again until the crown decreases.

The one part I did struggle with was the provisional cast-on. I’ve never done one before and I just couldn’t get it how I wanted, mainly because I was working with the magic loop technique and it kept throwing out my tension. So I just placed some waste yarn in the row and picked it out when I was ready to start the lining part. Other than that, it was all great. I’d describe this as an “advanced beginner” project. It takes a little more than just knits and purls, and you’ll definitely need to learn how to read your knitting as you go.

Yarn Review

I used King Cole’s Merino Blend DK which is quite scratchy at first, but not enough to tickle and annoy. I liked it because it felt bouncy and it held it’s shape well, something important for this knit as my boyfriend will stretch it as he takes it on and off! I went for a dark charcoal colour for the outer, and a brigh kingfisher blue for the insides. I think it makes a really interesting knit and the double lining means it will hold it’s shape. This yarn comes in a reasonable 50g ball for a really great price.

The Result

I’m super happy with the result! We’ve gone back into a cold snap after a warm winter so Kris is definitely needing something to keep his ears warm. I’m also glad that I’ve used a wool which is a bit more resistant to rain than a standard acrylic would be.


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