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Sewing Pattern: Lekala Wind Jacket 5917

"This is a pretty basic wind jacket with pockets and a drawstring waist. It's easy to put together but as with all Lekala patterns you need to have your own ideas about construction."

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Before there was waterproof fabric like Gore-tex or vinyl, there was simple waxed cotton. The process of waxing uses paraffin wax applied and melted into the fibres of the fabric in order to waterproof them. It’s a process that has been used for centuries to waterproof fabrics.

Barbour are probably most famous for their waxed jackets, having sold them since 1894. The waxed jacket is a staple of the countryside but has become commonly more of a mainstream fashion item. I’m hoping to make mine in time for a trip to Jersey, so that I can enjoy the countryside without getting wet!

I found Lekala 5917, which seemed perfect for a staple wax jacket. As with all Lekala patterns, you need to have a bit more construction experience. The patterns also tend to come up very fitted so I will probably do a tissue fit and see how much I want to add. Lekala 5917 is also without lining, and it recommends you serge the seams. Well, I’ll be doing it a bit more classicly, with the addition of a flanelette lining. For such a boxy jacket it should be simple to add a few inches here and there. The only other thing I want to add is a hood, as Lekala 5917 has just a simple collar, but I will probably make this detachable and therefore do it after the rest of the jacket is complete.

lekala 5917
Lekala 5917 Waxed Jacket: Getting Started

Let’s get started! The first thing I needed to source was, of course, the waxed cotton. Waxed jackets can be created by applying the wax to the garment afterwards (typically paraffin wax is used) but I’ve decided to use pre-waxed fabric. You can find this stuff pretty cheaply and it’s not hard to come by. […]

Lekala 5917
Lekala 5917 Waxed Jacket: How to make a waxed jacket

Once I’d cut all the pieces out for my waxed jacket it was really a case of getting the garment and the lining put together. This is my second jacket, so I’ve learnt a lot. It’s also a lot easier than the last one was because it isn’t “tailored”. In order to line it, I’m […]

Lekala #5917
Lekala #5917 Waxed Jacket: Plackets and Collars

Finally I have got to the finishing run on my jacket. After constructing the lining with sleeves completely, and the same for the outer, I attached the placket and the collar to Lekala #5917. The hood I had planned may come at a later date. Putting the lining and outer together – Lekala #5917 Once […]


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