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addi express kingsize review

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"Overall I am really pleased with the machine, it helps me make things quicker than I would normally be able to. It’s use is fairly limited but it would be fab for someone who likes to make hats quickly."


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I recently purchased an Addi Express Kingsize, which I managed to pick up second hand. It’s a circular knitting machine which comes in two sizes, this kingsize being the larger machine with 47 needles and capabilities of knitting yarn weights from double knit to super chunky (or so it says, we’ll see!)

The Addi Express Kingsize: Basics

The Addi Express Kingsize retails at about £100 on Amazon. The Addi Express Kingsize can knit either flat or circular so it’s also possible to use for making afghans and patchwork blankets. In theory it should be possible to create hats and narrow cowls but it all depends on the thickness of the yarn. Because the needles can’t be changed everything is knit at the same tension, regardless of wool weight.

After a bit of experimenting I found that chunky wool seems to work the best. Super chunky is hard to process through the Addi Express and my attempts at double knit came out as a very loose, lacey fabric. This might be good if you’re looking to knit summer scarves but for the kind of thing I want I think it’ll be too much.

First Project with Addi Express Kingsize

I started by casting on this Stylecraft Special Chunky wool, which is a premium acrylic. I’ve heard that the Addi Express Kingsize suffers a bit with acrylic sometimes so I thought it’d be a good test. I decided to try and make a simple hat. Because you can’t do ribbing on the Addi Express Kingsize, I turned up the brim and stitched it in place. Another alternative would be to knit a few rows, then take the stitches off and switch them over to create a purled outer with a stocking stitch brim, this’ll be something I try in the future!

The knitting is really simple, but a bit mindless and it might make your arm ache. In total it took me 15 minutes to knit this hat, so it’s feasible you can do this while watching a bit of telly or waiting for dinner to cook!

Second Addi Express Project: Rowan Cocoon

After I made this hat which was a success I thought I’d have a go with some nicer wool. This Rowan Cocoon was leftover from my Whitstable Capelet. I also made a pom-pom using a blue colour of the yarn a while ago so it’ll be perfect for a cute winter hat. This yarn is a 1-ply, so I was worried it might be splitty through the machine but it seemed to go OK as long as I paid attention. To make this hat I switched yarn after 45 rows, then turned up the brim a fair few inches and stitched down. I really like this hat!

Finishing off the hats takes a little bit of time too but it’s still certainly quicker than hand knitting things. Overall I am really pleased with the Addi Express Kingsize, it helps me make things quicker than I would normally be able to. It’s use is fairly limited but it would be fab for someone who likes to make hats quickly, or wants to make quick patchwork blankets or cushions. One area that could really do well with this is charity knitting as it would make basic hats very quickly.

Over the next few months I’ll be exploring some other things I can make using the Addi Express Kingsize. I definitely think that chunky is the weight to go with, as I worry that aran might be a bit thin. I think this machine is really great for making simple things, next up I’ll be trying some scarves.

What do you think about the <Addi Express Kingsize? If you have any questions let me know, I’ll be reviewing some of my projects made using this machine in the future. Meanwhile, check out the Ravelry group Crank Knitters to see what others are making with their crank machines.


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