Style Arc Kim Swing Top

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I'm a member of Bloglovin' blog community, ACTIVATE by Bloglovin', I'm also active on twitter and instagram among other bloggers. I'm a regular contributor to Pattern Review and The Sewing Forum, I'm always around for a chat!

Who else wants to get involved and #SewRed this September for @eveappeal ? If you #sew or #quilt or #make please make it red and help us raise money! #GoRed

Join us to #SewRed for @eveappeal #GoRed campaign to raise money for research into gynecological cancers. I help run a #sewing forum, TheSewingPlace.org.uk and earlier this year we lost a beloved member to endometrial cancer. This September, members will be #sewing red projects and garments to help raise awareness and funds. So if you #sew please join us. Even if you just tag your makes with #SewRed https://eveappeal.org.uk/supporting-us/take-part-in-an-event/go-red/